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Brony Wristband Bundle!

Image of Brony Wristband Bundle!

$10.00 - On Sale

Update! We have sold out off the Fluttershy Wristband. I'll be offering an second wristband color of your choice as a replacement. Thank you!

You a fan of My Little Pony? Are you a Brony? You like wristbands? Can't pick which is your favorite? Why not have all of them!?

You can order the full Mane 6 plus Black and Derpy wristbands in one complete bundle!

You get this at the discounted rate of $25 and shipping!

If you order the bundle I will also toss in a random MLP official mini pony figure with your order and a two free stickers. It will be a completely random pony! Who will you get?

This makes a perfect gift for Brony or if you and a few friends want to share.